I had a radical prostatectomy with nerve sparing in March this year

and from May onwards I have been taking 10mg Cialis, initially twice weekly, now every other day. I cannot however achieve an erection with external stimulus and I have now been prescribed a vacuum erection device.
I wondered if any member has any similar experiences and is it likely that spontaneous erections will come back at a leter date. I have been told that regular use of the VED may help things get back to normal.


Not sure if you got sufficient answers or not

I had prostatectomy, robotic procedure, DaVinci, at Henry Ford Hosp in Detroit. THey use a very aggressive penis rehabilitation program not unlike many big Univ.
urology depts. Daily erections through whatever means, trimix or caverject injections up to twice a week, VED (Vacuum Erection Device)all other days, and daily dose of Viagra, or like drug. This is all designed to produce erection, daily, to keep tissues of the penis healthy and not allow fibrosis and subsequent shrinkage, which would be at least in part irreversible later if normal function is restored, which I think is unlikely in most, in spite of what they tell us, and at least maintains normal size so maximum implant can be placed. Hope this helps, write me if you wish to discuss more, I have researched it quite a bit, and continue to do so, I am a Nurse Anesthetist, so have done anesthesia for both surgeries.

My experience is

that viagra is stronger than cialis. I used to get an acceptable erection with viagra, but never with cialis. You ould try that.

My First reply on here, hope it goes through

Hi, my name is Gary, also, and I had DaVinci Prostatectomy in January, I’m 61, and have been on a very aggressive “rehab” program, to include daily Canadian pharmacy Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra, penile injections periodically to produce erections, and the use of Vacuum Erection Device with “cock” ring, all designed to cause a daily erection, keep the penis from becoming fibrotic from non-use, and also to try to speed recovery of the nerves by sending signals through we still want function. I am now 9 months post op, and this is the point my urologist told me I would know what to expect in the way of return, and like you I see some filling, but not erect enough for intercourse, and this takes considerable tactile stimulation. Henry Ford Hosp, where I had the surgery tells me to continue this rehab program and make no big decisions until at least 18 months. I have thoroughly researched the Penile prosthesis, and will exercise that option next summer if things don’t get lots better.
I am very disappointed so far, and have had considerable self esteen, depression, issues. You are not alone, I think this happens with lots of us, and needs good answers. The prosthesis gets great revues from those who have it, I have talked to several men with this, and not one is unhappy, all love it. Going from essentially nothing to erections on demand, and for as long as needed, is a huge improvement. I might also mention I look at all this through the eyes of a health care worker, I am semi retired Nurse Anesthetist, so I have been on the delivery end of the surgeries, both prostatectomy and prosthesis.
Hope this helps,

I have tried cutting the pills

I can only get tumescent on 50 mg. I can’t get hard enough to penetrate. I also use a cock ring along with the 100mg. I have recently started vacuum pumping in hopes of being able to cut down on the dosage. Alan

I have one suggestion

that might help the heartburn issues. Take the tablet with a hot cup of tea. It also works for men who need to take large doses of Niacin.

Have you tried a lower dose?

Those 100 mg pills can be cut; I use half and quarter pills all the time. It certainly saves money and it may lessen your side effects. My only side effects are the stuffy sinuses and flushing in the face. Sometimes I get a little light headed.

Hi everyone, I see my Doctor

enough and talking about impotence has never been easy with her so. Before I bother her – does taking Viagra from online canadian pharmacy ever cause any problems for you guys? I wake up 9 times out of 10 with tingling in my fingers on one hand or the other. Kind of like that feeling you get if you fall asleep on your arm and it goes numb.

Its not bad enough that I would stop taking it but I’m concerned that there is no mention of this as a side effect.

I had surgery a couple of weeks ago and had not been using Viagra for 16 days and no numbness or tingling. The first night I did (half a 100mg Tab) I got the effect so I’m pretty sure its the Viagra.

Generic levitra

I only seem to have any success with Levitra but the cost is prohibitive. Anyone have any luck with generic Levitra and where to get it? Thanks.

Also consider taking

TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS EXTRACT,AVENA SATIVA, MACA-ROOT-EXTRACT and yohimbine. All these can help with sexual performance. Tribulus Terrestris is great for increasing sperm production and mood. Maca Root supposely does the same thing and works for others but doesn’t do anything for me. All these are dietary supplements so you can find these in products in GNC and other dietary stores.

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Alpha Lipioc Acid is known as an insulin mimicker

and as as transporting assisng agent. So in theory, ALA could make cialis more effective by carrying more or of the NO to the penis to help it become more erected and engorged with blood. I take R-ALA which is more effective then regular ALA and is more potent. I take ALA to combat oxidant effects of stress, supplements, enviromental effects and others. Also to help shuttle more nutrients to the cells and mitochondria.

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I have taken all of the BIG Three V, L, & C

I get the same side effects for all, flushed face and stuffed up sinuses. With C, I get the side effects for the entire 30+ hours. I get the best performance out of V. Lately though, I have not had to use any of them; I have been taking 500 mg morning/night L-Arginine and 150 mg/day of Grape Seed Extract. The results have been quite good. I now perform best in the a.m. and adequately in the evening; my wife has had no complaints anyways…. It still takes a bit of work for that rise in my levi’s, but is there when called for.


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Tadalafil vs Sildenafil

Generally, when we first hear about Tadalafil what we understand is the undeniable fact as it fights against erectile disfunction this is the first true competitor of Sildenafil in addition to the first mentioned. Sildenafil appeared in 1998 and registered a success generally for the undeniable fact it was the product of this type. As another called Levitra is anticipated to appear, the sequence is not ending here, anyway.

To begin with, there ought to be mentioned the sell market of Tadalafil has reached an enormous level that’s sure to put away the success registered by Sildenafil in the late 90’s. The most important thing is the reality that from around thirty million people suffering from another number of one-hundred and erectile disfunction in the United States and seventy-five million abroad who are using these products and having this disfunction, only a part are using Sildenafil.

Another benefit obtained by Tadalaifl (generic Cialis) over Sildenafil (generic Viagra) is the proven fact that it’s available (by prescription-only) in nations like Denmark, great Britain, Finland, Sweden and Australia and it’s should be approved in USA too.

Furthermore, a standard argument brought in favor of Tadalafil is the reality that it has more rapid effects than Sildenafil; The starting procedure could be attained at around sixteen minutes after taking the pill, whilst the whole procedure can lead-up to one day or more. As opposed to that, by taking Sildenafil one might have them for four hours upmost and feel the effects after one hour.

A possible explanation for this is the reality than Sildenafil does that Tadalafil persists longer in the body. While it is made by Tadalafil up to seventeen hours, Hours are recorded four by the period of time for blood levels to fall fifty percent for Sildenafil. This could signify a twenty-five % of the initial doze of Tadalafil remains within your body at that point.

Logically, it’s of a higher-quality technique than Sildenafil this being the reason behind the surpassing. Let us hope things won’t stay this way and certainly will improve more and more up-to perfection

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Tadalafil is really one of the market leaders of oral ED drugs among with Levitra and Viagra.

It presents a method to treat ed in men. This medication helps men to enhance their ed but doesn’t treat this condition entirely. So this medication is taken lifelong. Brand Tadalafil is costly to be utilized consistently, that’s why guys hunt for those analogues of the medication which are cheaper in cost.
The generic model of Tadalafil was created to help men in dealing with ED on a normal basis. This medication is affordable for many guys and is sold at much moderate cost. Anyway, generic Tadalafil can be bought in each on the web pharmacy attempting to sell oral ED drugs.
TadalafilThe cost of the drug attracts men, moreover, they respect the 36 hours power of those tablets.
At the instant Tadalafil is regarded to become among the most powerful medications for the medical treatment of impotence in men, so you will want to attempting it?
The maker of generic Tadalafil uses the technology as well as the present patented main element and just adds other inactive parts. The dosage of generic medications could also differ, generic drugs (i.e. tadalafil 20mg) become incredibly popular since they’re affordable for common people and offer exactly the same quality and high standards of security. It will always be a comfort to purchase generic equivalent at lower price.
Still guys ought to be certain the generic Tadalafil they purchase is created by accredited pharmaceutical company which respects the criteria of good manufacturing practice and quality.

Some patients had allergy and negative effects, since if you need to take Tadalafil get consultation and see your supplier. You physician may say, that negative effects of the drug could comprise the symptoms:

feeling lightheaded;
or penis erection that’s long and debilitating;
chest malady, general ill feeling;
pain spreading to the shoulder or arm, sickness;
irregular pulse;
swelling in both hands;
swelling in the feet;

And also guys might have less serious effects:

memory difficulties;
muscle pain.

Azithromycin oral Uses

azithromycinpicwithwaterAzithromycin 500 mg – is utilized to deal with a wide selection of bacterial infections. It’s a macrolidetype antibiotic. It works by preventing the development of bacteria.

Unnecessary use or abuse of any antibiotic often leads to its reduced effectiveness.

The way to utilize azithromycin oral

If accessible out of your pharmacist before you begin taking azithromycin 500 mg and every time you obtain a refill browse the Patient Information Leaflet. Ask your physician or pharmacist, for those who got any questions.

Take this medicine by mouth as instructed by your physician, generally once daily with or without any food. You may take this medicine with food if stomach upset occurs. The dosage is dependant on your own medical condition and response to treatment.
Antibiotics work best when the amount of medication within your body is kept at a constant degree. Therefore, take this drug at the same time every day.

Continue steadily to take this medication before the full prescribed amount is completed, even if symptoms disappear after a couple of days. Stopping the medication too early may allow bacteria to keep to grow, that might create a return of the disease.

Antacids containing aluminum or magnesium may reduce the absorption of azithromycin if taken at the same time.

Tell your physicians in case your condition persists or worsens.

Azithromycin oral is employed to treat the following:

Strep Throat, Strep Throat and Tonsillitis, Acute Gonorrhea (Gonorrhea – CDC Fact Sheet) of the Urethra, Acute Gonorrhea of the Cervix, Disease of the Urethra brought on by Chlamydia Trachomatis, Bacterial Disease of Cervix because of Chlamydia Trachomatis, Disease of the Middle Ear by H. Influenzae Bacteria, Disease of the Middle Ear by S. Pneumoniae Bacteria, Middle Ear Infection, Severe Sinusitis brought on by Streptococcus Pneumoniae, Severe Sinusitis due to Haemophilus Influenzae, Pneumonia due to Pneumococcus Bacteria, Pneumonia due to Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, Pneumonia resulting from the Bacteria Chlamydia, Bacterial Infection with Chronic Bronchitis, Severe Episode of Chronic Bronchitis because of Streptococcus Pneumoniae, Skin Infection because of Staphylococcus Aureus Bacteria, Skin Infection because of Streptococcus Pyogenes Bacteria, Skin Infection because of Streptococcus Agalactiae Bacteria

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Masturbating without an erection

This condition of impotence is relatively new to me. One of the biggest frustrations has been the inability to relieve myself through masturbating.
When I can manage just a slight erection, I find that I can boost the fullness a little by pressing my left fingers upwards somewhere under my testicles, As long as my weak erection lasts, that boost gives me just enough to allow my right hand to achieve enough friction against my penis to cause orgasm – so long as I put enough energy into it and don’t mind slightly bruised testicles.

At other times, when I am completely flaccid, there is absolutely nothing I can do to relieve the frustration. the more I try, the more the frustration increases.

How do other people cope with this? Am I the only one who suffers with this problem?

Viagra (sildenafil citrate) question

Can anyone tell me if you use viagra, will you become “addicted”? What I mean is that sometimes I can have normal sex and everything is great, but sometimes no matter what the penis either doesn’t get hard or it gets hard and my partner and I start off with sex and then the penis fizzles for no good reason. I am going to order and try generic viagra 100mg (sildenafil citrate) but I don’t want it to be addictive in the sense that if I don’t use it I won’t have any chance to get “hard”.

Overcoming performance anxiety? Help!

26 years old, and having bigtime problems with peformance anxiety and getting it up, and premature ejactulation. A little history: My wife and I almost separated 4 months ago when her drinking got way out of control and as a result of her drinking I couldn’t get it up, this drove her nuts, she possibly cheated on me twice. Anyway, we’re together, and happy except for the sex issue…Her drinking stopped completely for a month and a half, but she has slipped a few times….not out of control drunk like before, but drunk….

So now, I’m in this rut. Since we’ve reconciled, I’ve had problems with premature ejaculation. This has never been an issue prior torecently. Then in the past couple weeks, I’ve had several incidents when I couldn’t get it up, one time wife got real upset, one time she stayed calm. The times we’ve had sex, and I haven’t had as much of a problem are if she’s drinking and I have had a beer or two (I don’t drink normally, maybe 4 times in the past year).

So now, I’m in this rut. I wake up in the AM knowing she would love it if I were to initiate sex, but I can’t shake the anxiety. I wake up tight in the chest, heart pounding, and as a result, chicken out of intitiating sex. As it nears bedtime, I feel the feelings again.
I guess I am scared at putting her through all this? or me through all this? or scared that i’ll drive her away from me cuz she’ll still have her needs and go someplace else for them…I’m scared that it won’t get back to how it was…I love having sex with my wife, but regardless how much i think about that, I am overwhelmed by the anxiety surrounding sex..I’ve tried Viagra a while back before we almost separated, half the time they helped, but half the time they did nothing.

What else can I do? One psychologist i talked to suggested deep breathing (20 minute relaxation response), but I haven’t found it to help out as much as I’d like…What else can I do? Anyone have any ideas? How do I shake this and clear my head? I hate putting my wife and I through this….

Implant questions?

Ok my friends. After much research and thought, I am planning on getting an implant. I have contacted my doctor. We are having a consultation at the end of the month. I would like to hear from you guys on a few things. I know what the reports and Internet say. I want to hear from people who have the implant.

If you were married or a serious relationship what was there response to the implant before and after?

What type of implant did you get?

Did insurance pay for it? If not how much did it cost?

How long was you recovery? When could you start working out again? Did it hinder you in any way? I ride a bike 3 or 4 times a week and wonder if it would effect that or my weight lifting?

Did the surgery take only an hour?

Has anyone had any failures and how easy was it to repair?

Anything I should know prior to or after my consultation or surgery?

Any and all info needed and welcome.

Thank you

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Good morning guys and ladies in the battle of impotence

Today has been a great morning. From about 7.00 until 8.15am I have been sitting here in my office letting my heart talk with my penis. We had a long time to reflect on years of service and dis service to each other. Some of u may have heard a phrase or statement that mentions ‘thinking with the other head’.

I was reminded of some pretty shady dealings and less than honorable things I have done with my penis. It has been particular about the abundant times I tried to strangle it and how I pushed it into dark places without its consent. It told me some very hard things to hear and some hard things to even repeat. At the end I understood its feelings and why it is not its normal self and why it won’t be the work horse I once took for granted.

I had to fess up. I had to suck it up and admit my crimes against the goodness and opportunity given me. The hardest part was the adultery. I have always wanted another because my self perception of my own was never what I wanted. It told me it died 10,000 deaths trying to please me and yet I was hard in my heart. I wept a moment. For my impotent penis has feelings too.

I have come to a enlightenment today. I made peace with my penis and i take a pill of V or generic name – sildenafil citrate, wich i bought last week online. The other head and I are finally on one accord. I felt nitros oxide release. A pitter patter and a bit of old time swagger. We are now partnered in the balance of life left to live.

Impotence and its cloud have been broken. What we now do we do together. It does not need be judged by another. We enjoy what we enjoy and as we look at options and obstacles they now appear as selections and not dungeons of diverse oppressions.

Never planned on having a 1 on 1 with my penis. It just happened. Something from the depth of my being triggered it. Can’t explain it just glad it did.

May u all find ur perfect personal peace!

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I guess I have came to accept

where I am as the new norm, and most likely it will not get any better and go down from here as I age.
Today I am 70, had open surgery to removed my prostate in 2005 and got an implant in 2012.
If you can read my post titled – Where I am today. Very little has change, if any thing it might be harder to have a climax today.
I am also on antidepressant – Wellbutrin – with a know side effect of loss of interest in sex. My plan is to stop when I finish this prescription.
I told my wife, knowing where I am today I question if I would have done the surgery, still I did have major issues with impotence before the surgery.
I do have a work around, I enter my fantasies that some would not think about. I also have fun in writing erotic for the opened mind reader.
I think we all need to find a work around, lets face it – impotence is not where we want to be.
Mike or anyone that wants to chat via email I am open to that also.

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From what I have read

veinous leakage is fairly rare and usually due to some kind of earlier trama to the penis. My understanding is that you can have an injection that will make your penis hard, and then continually x-rayed with some sort of dye to see how your veins are performing. If your penis stays hard, obviously no veinous problem. I have never had this done as I can most of the time stay hard with viagra, which tells me I do not have this problem.

I do, however, experience similar symtoms as described in this thread. Loosing erections quickly is something that happens often without viagra, and even sometimes with it.

Even fear of loosing it will make it happen. For example, my wife will sometimes successfully arouse me while I am on my back, but by the time I mount her, it’s gone, fater than a scared tourtose into it’s shell! If I am well rested, in a good mood and don’t worry about it, sometimes I can poke around on my own without viagra.

Also note that if you can stay hard during masterbation, even ocassionally, likely you do not have venious leakage. I believe it’s not something that comes and goes, like ED.

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Yeah, I’ve seen these curious things…

I would guess that the same system that adjusts our blood pressure to accomodate standing up versus sitting or laying down also adjusts the blood flow into and out of the penis.

One’s heartrate and pressure can vary radically, just by moving a little. And even thinking about something fearful or disappointing after thinking pleasant thoughts can change blood pressure.

Of course, blood pressure control is what an erection is all about… The rate of blood flow going in must exceed the rate going out to erect the penis or else it goes limp. The opposite condition, where the blood going into CONTINUES to try to exceed that blood leaving, results in a serious medical condition known as priapism. If the circulation is not kept going just right, the blood in an inflated penis can become oxygen deficient and the penis will die after 4-6 hours or more of this bad continuously erected condition.

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Yes, I tried it. I think you can get the majority of the effect by taking L-arginine in larger doses by itself and save money. (Read “the Arginine Solution”) I couldn’t tolerate the gensing so I stopped taking it.

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Has anyone tried this nutritional support. The information i can find on the internet seems promising. Im in my second week of taking it and i seem to be improving a little. The literature says to continue taking 4 weeks for full affect.

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Thanks for the great response!

The patches are OK seem to be worse on my arms than other areas. I worked up a spread sheet with an 8 day rotation in each spot (patch info recommends not using the same spot in 7 days).

I guess I wouldnt mind if my wife gets some on her if women use it for the same reason men do. I’m not the only one with sexual dysfunction but she won’t do anything about her lack of desire.

We are done having kids. She read in the patch info about women getting extra facial hair or something and that made her nervous about even touching the outside of my patches – I’m sure shell be really afraid of the areas where the gel is. I guess if it is dry and can’t come off she’ll be ok.

Thanks again.


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I am amazed at your wife’s impatience!

But, are you handy with your fingers and hands? Forgive me for presuming to make suggestions, but start with body massages and work your way to the sensitive places. Never tickle a women, seems to be a truism. Men like it – women don’t. Massages should squeeze the flesh without hurting. Find her pressure points around her bottom and aus where it feels good to her. For a real turn on for her, gently open and close her vagina with your fingers pressing on her labia and gently opening and closing repeatedly.

Try blowing a firm breath on her sensitive labia and anus. Don’t tell her how you are turning her on until you’ve had many successes. It seems to me that my techniques lose some potency when my one woman learns how I am doing it.

I have had to humble myself and read, read, read, – I buy an occasional sex ed book to pay for all my using bookstores like libraries. Use books that have indexes to do purposeful searching. Forget the books that don’t have indexes.

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My skin began to look burned in one place

it took months to get better. I gave up on Androderm patches. I use a little AndroGel now. It’s in alcohol for ready absortion. My wife puts a drop on her to boost her saggin testo level.

Sometimes it seems to work for her, mostly not though. Tried L-carnitine, both of us, and maybe we have found something there! It works by promoting thyroid function which promotes testo production somehow. Anyway, we both can’t complain about our last time together, using L-carnitine.

If your wife is beyond child bearing, it’s alright if she gets a little on her.
She would be too old to be changed by it!!! Women need about 10% as much T as we need. But if it is not “Free” (ie, converted by her body into E), then what little T she gets on her will do little for her.

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Linda (Testosterone Gel)

hi, ive been using the andro-gel for one-year, yes the gel does work in many ways.
better muscles,more desire, better erections and more of them, a better feeling of ones self in general.
it took me 2-3 weeks before i felt the difference.

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Testosterone Gel

My husband (who’s a member on the list now.) just started the Gel and I was wondering if he should expect a noticeable difference in his energy level and the way he’s feeling over all, and if so how long will it take before he notices. He has a habit of being impatient when it comes to medication. He wants instant results and just thought some of you who use this my give him an idea of what to expect.


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I have an bachelor degree in Biology

I actually researched Androgens as early as High School because I didn’t want to just get my information and propaganda from US media and PSA commercials. I have actually self administered Anabolic/Androgenic Steriods for about 6 years now and the worst health concerns I had to worry about is some increase in cholesterol and slight shedding of hair.

I have since stopped the shedding of hair and have actually increased my hair growth by administering Topical DHT inhibitors, anti-inflammatory for the scalp and regeneration hair growth like Minoxidil. I have done years of research on my own and found that using retinol-a on the frontal scalp to remove dead and damage skin on the scalp will make Minoxidil 5% strength more effective in the frontal area. Red rice yeast and poliocasonal is great for lowering cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL.

Just make sure you take Co-enzyme 10 to replenish the heart since Red rice yeast will deplete some co-enzyme 10 in the heart. I am amazed how many people believe that Steroids is so bad and yet don’t seem to realize that the beef you eat is saturated with a very androgenic and anabolic steroid known as “Trenbolone”. Pigs are sometimes injected with trenbolone to increase size and for increased reproduction.

Chickens and Cows are injected with Progesterone and Estradiol to make them more fertile and increase sexual interests during the entire year. Progesterone and Estradiol in excess in men can cause water retention, depression, contributing factor in Prostate growth, lipid accumalation in the oblique and chest area of men, gynocomastia (breast growth in men) and other health issues. In women excess exogenous progesterone and estrogen can cause breast cancer, excess fat around hips, glute and lower abdomen areas. It can cause irregular menstrual cycles, mood swings, vertigo and more. Yet no one seems to care about these and all of the above mention hormones are steroids.

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Erectile Disfunction Problems??

Hi Friends,

I am new to this group & happy to be a member. Sharing information that may help each other is what it’s all about…
There’s so much talk for so long about viagra but who wants to contend with the possibility of serious side effects? What many people haven’t taken into consideration is that there are so many, many reasons why we suffer from sexual disfunction & this is why a drug such as this can only mask the root cause of the problem. My suggestion would be to discuss your issues privately with abiochemist, as only someone like this can address each of yourproblems individually. May I suggest reviewing the website:
www.biochemics.info The scientist’s name is Alex Sutton & he is the Chairman of the Asia/Pacific branch of Biochemic Medicine. After carefully reviewing his site & if you wish further information regarding a safe, natural & inexpensive way to help with your individual problems, you can contact him.
There is strength in numbers…. We need to help each other.



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Testosterone doesn’t cause Prostate cancer.

There are a complex combination of reasons for prostate cancer. Some could be caused due to enviromental elements, diet and even hormones. DHT is the main cause of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia and prostate cancer and that would explain why some men get it and some don’t.

DHT is created in men due to a enzyme called Alpha 5 reductase and you have type 1 and type 2 alpha 5 reductase receptors. Some men have more of this enzyme in there body’s then other men and this can be a cause. Also there are studies that suggest that estrogen can also cause Prostate growth. Some men suffer from more circulating estrogen due to abundance Aromatase enzyme and this causes fat accumulation in oblique and chest area that causes gynocomastia (breast tissue growth in men), libido and even depression in men.

Estrogen and progesterone along with DHT can cause prostate issues in some men.

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Good summing up by Fluke

I think the summing up of ED by fluke is quite enlightining and gives each one of us food for thougt as to which category we may fall into. Thanks.

I think if more women can join this group we could get the female perceptive -the other side of the coin-giving us an insight of how women can react and help husbands/lovers try and over come this problem. As to how this can be achieved we may require suggestions from our new woman member who is very welcome.

This is just a thought and I do not know whether the rules of this group favours this. Will the moderator please comment.

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re: Not Impotence But Close To It

Tony, I’ll reply to you more in depth privately, but basically reading the following 3 books and doing some internet research on “male menopause” and the amino acid L-Arginine should be helpful to you.


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Not Impotence But Close To It

Greetings folks from Illinois, I want to relay something of my problem and maybe get some answers or at least point me in the direction to go. I had been “on edge” for sometime and I realized something was wrong. I was irritable among other things. What triggered it was that I was getting ready to turn 50. From my August birthday, I debated what to do. Then in October, I went to the doctor for a physical. Keep in mind, I had not had one in some time. (What I thought was odd in the broadcast engineering field, that a physical should be a requirement. I took care of stations either on a contract basis or being station engineer but never did I see anything in paper that a physical was needed.) I saw in a Parade Magazine, the tests guys need at 50 and that scared me. The doctor and I talked and I was put on some depression medication. I tried Celexa and now Lexapro, so all meds i ordered in this canadian pharmacy online store.

Here is what I mean by the subject line. Whether I was paying attention to it more, I have no clue but I found from these pills, that I was waking to a morning erection. Celexa had the side effect of a decreased severe nature of no ejaculation. Lexapro is better but without this medicine, I could get a hard on and ejaculate without much trouble.

I would like to talk to my pastor, just a plain and factual man to man talk. He is near my age so I think he could help. Any clues out there on just how to approach this.

Let me say, I dont want to talk to both an older brother and sister. My sister would not come down on me but my older brother might and I can not handle that stress at this time.

Does having a lot of body hair make any difference in all this? I am trying to find out some clues to help. Shaving body hair is not what I would do.

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To Bob:


I didn’t really know the rules for messages.

You have been more forgiving than Don Coolingly. His reaction was very harsh, full of anger, retribution and not very professional.

I have found through Yoga practice that often times we create our own suffering with our anger. In my book I talk about how sexuality can be viewed as a spiritual experience. If we stay focused on how we can send loving energy to our partners as opposed to obsessing about performance we stay in the moment and actually have a much more intense physical, psychological and spiritual experience.

I am not as concerned about people buying my book as in getting out the message to men. I would even suggest that they find a Yoga class in their area.

The reason I wrote the book was to let men know that Eastern spiritual exercises were compatible with masculinity. In fact it is exactly what many of us need.

I hope my work is helpful to those struggling with ED and other Prostate disorders.


Yoga for Men

Dear Friends:

I have just written a book entitled Yoga for Men.

I am active in research (Cancer Intitute of New Jersey) to show how Yoga can be helpful in mproving prostate functioning and sexual performance.

The book I have written is available at your local bookstore or at Aamazon.com.

You can also visit my website www.yogaforbusiness for more information.

20% of the net royalties have been designated for organizations fighting cancer and men’s health intiatives.

Bruce Van Horn

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Here is the problem:

To testosterone or not to testosterone, that is the question. Whe you look at all the sources talking in generalities from md’s, to persons having hands on experience, to many of us researchers, it all boils to opinions related to an individual. So now I have been through the experience of prostate surgery, radiation many years later, had my dick fixed with pump, worked my butt off and am fortunate enough to feel powerfully healthy with a steamy sex drive and only a little sensitivity loss. Sure there is lots of room for improvement but I think now, I question the radiation treatment where my bladder was just about destroyed and am still in the process of rebuilding. Now my feeling is “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” Yet the quest for knowledge is continuous, and so is the experimenting. But messin with hormones seems to be more potentially dangerous than those pills you can buy on the internet that will make your dick a foot longer.


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Re: are some sexual difficulties..

The answer can be yes and no. There is so much that goes into this concern, it can fill books. First, at middle age, I think we all go through some kind of performance anxiety just because of the TV commercials if nothing else. The V,L,C spots on TV almost tell us that we are going to have problems, etc. Another is general health. It sounds like you are healthy and fit but that doesn’t stop nerve problems or vascular problems from happening. My suggestion is like the suggestions to many others. Find a Urologist/Sexual Dysfunction doctor in your area and interview the doctor so you can get a good feel for the practice.

This is an important venture that you will be starting. There are many options out there. The pump, the V,L,C drugs, injections and the implant. All treatments are reverible except the implant. You need a good doctor who takes your concerns seriously. This problem could be caused from mental trauma that you don’t even know about to carfiovascular concerns in your penis. It is not a pleasant road to take but you need to take it to find out our problem, correct it and move on. If it is frustrating to the woman, you would have to ask her but turn it around. Would you be frustrated with her if she had lubricate herself before intercourse or go through some kind of preliminary stuff because you could engage?

Just something to consider.


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are some sexual difficulties normal as I get older if not completel

I am 57 and even though I am not 100% impotent, sex is a lot more effort than it used to be. I never have spontaneous erections any more from thoughts or pictures. When I am with a woman, she has to stimulate me with her hands or orally. Is this the start of impotency or just normal? I hope it doesn’t make women frustrated with me.

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Generic ED drugs on line

I have purchased generic ED drugs on line from overseas pharmacies. I had good service with the ones I have dealt with. However..It seems to me that some of the generic Viagra I have purchashed on line is not as potent as the real Viagra. In other words it(generic viagra) works but my erection is not as good as with real Viagra many times. Increasing the dosage has not improved the quality of the erection. Has anyone else had similar experiences?


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I had a shipment of generic viagra from ADC seized once

I received a letter from Customs letting me know it would be returned to the sender in 15 or 30 days, I don’t recall, and listed a couple of reasons why. Of course I was free to contest this decision if I so chose. And yes, I realize they are not supposed to ship Viagra or Levitra either. I wonder how long it will be before that ax falls. On a side note, I know Pfizer is pushing hard to make Viagra available over the counter. I heard it was recently approved in England. Of course I’m sure it will remain $8-10 a pill, a far cry from the overseas generics. Interestingly, I worked in Costa Rica for 6 months where you can walk in to any pharmacy and purchase the real thing or a generic version, your choice, no problems, no questions, no limits. I would start my own export business but am sure it would be short lived. Our Federal government can’t stop billions of dollars worth of cocaine from entering the country but I am sure they’d put me out of business in a flash. Of course, if Ely Lilly was in the cocaine business I am sure the Colombian paramilitaries and guerillas would be out of it pretty darned quickly.

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Best place to buy Cialis?

I just got my first prescription and went to Walgreens. I paid $13 a pill for 10mg each!! My insurance does not cover this med, so wondering if you may recommend a discount source. I am reluctant to use the fly- by-night web-based pharamacies, as I do not trust they would sell me the real thing. Are any of them truly legitimate? Is there any government oversight on these web sites? PS – I now realize I could have gotten 20mg for same price and cut in half.


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RE:Post Prostatectomy Stats Inflated by Docs???

I had a complete, nerve-sparing prostatectomy in June 2002. ED is still a problem. Only when sufficiently aroused will I have an enlargement, but never the fully-functional erections I did before the surgery. The side-effects of V, C, and L are so terrible that I refuse to take them. And there were studies that seemed to point out the Viagra taken too often causes permanent vision damage. Pfizer also tested V on patients regularly for six to nine months immediately following surgery.

Their studies with those patients stated that the daily regimen of V restored erections in most of the men getting V each day. I refuse to go to a prosthesis, since that would absolutely preclude natural erections if ever a very good ED medication or treatment came along. Also, I have asked my urologist/surgeon, to prescribe testosterone patches for occasional use. He absolutely refuses to let me use them or injections. In his words(paraphrased), “You’re rid of the cancer, and I won’t let you jeopardize your life now by using testosterone patches or injections.” About a year ago, I found a sex therapist who treated me with a tri- mix injection in the penis.

It was not a good mix of the meds, and I barely had an erection; of course, I might have had more of an erection if I had not been in a clinical situation, but rather in a more sensual setting. And since I’m not a masochist, I can’t even entertain the thought of sticking a needle into my penis. Therefore, my resolution is that I’m leaving everything as it is. I can have orgasms, I have no cancer, I’m alive.

And since I’m not married, there’s just no reason to have the implant. I am disappointed in the hopes I was given for erectile recovery, but I don’t know all the complications the surgeon may have wandered through to get my prostate out and spare the nerves. And I didn’t die two days later from a blood clot, as a friend of mine did.

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Post Prostatectomy Stats Inflated by Docs???

I haven’t done an official survey, but my sense is, and I’ve told my urologist this, that the numbers, percentages, or men post op prostatectomy, so called nerve sparing, that come away with impotence is much higher than they state. Can i get some input from those of you who are in this category, post op, about your status with re: to ED; also is there any info/articles/studies out there you’ve seen about this? My urologist admitted, perhaps a little sheepishly when I challenged him, that perhaps the number was somewhat less than the 80% he stated.

The surgeon at Henry Ford (DaVinci) published an article suggesting as high as 90% at one year were back to preop levels. Bull!!! This is a lethal cancer, and we have pretty good options these days for erections, they need to be honest, not leave us hanging for a year or more hoping. I suspect the biggest grief is the loss of spontaneity, and the loss of ejaculation, erections seem to be reportedly pretty damn good with the newer prosthesis, esp. compared to men our age who are “normal”. I’ve talked to several who love the new ability to get hard and stay hard on demand. (Sound like I’m trying to talk myself into it, lol?)

Thanks for the replies.


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sensitivity in the penis?

Hi all, I’m looking for some way to increase the sensitivity on the outside of my penis. Is their anything that can be rubbed on it to do this? I am cut, and I already am starting on restoring my foreskin to cover the head of it, but I’d like to find a way to get some sensitivity in the mean time.


Tom K.

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Re:L-Arginine and Post Prostatectomy Impotence?

Get a manufactured hard on and you won’t regret it!!!!!!!!! I have had a radical, so called nerve sparing, did the caverject thing, the viagra thing, pumps and every combo possible including L-Arg’/grapesead and “increase your penis” pills of all sorts. Now with an implant I am ready all the time, I like to keep it half way most of the time and it improves my sense of awareness. Hmmmm what happened to my print size? Must have hit something. Maybe my dick hit it. Anyway, do it for yourself get one installed and quit thinking about it!!!!!!!!! I’m 66 and keep my body healthier than in my 30’s.

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L-Arginine and Post Prostatectomy Impotence?

Has anyone who is post-op Prostatectomy, and experiencing what I believe to be a very common level of impotence, tried L-Arginine. (and grape seed extract?) I am sure my urologist when asked, will dismiss this, no bona fide studies, credible articles? He will also tell me that this won’t help, as the problem is the surgical insult to the nerves, and I had a DaVinci, nerve sparing procedure, SUPPOSEDLY!!!??? Very discouraged, and want to explore all options b4 going to prosthesis. Yes, I’ve used VED, and injections, successfully, just not spontaneous, or what i want for the rest of my sexual life.



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Epilepsy Meds have put “Charlie” to sleep

Hi guys. I just joined this group because I don’t know where to turn for help. I have Epilepsy, and the medications I’m taking are the culprits I think, as it’s their job to calm my system down from anything exciting, stressful, etc. to avoid the possible risks of it leading into a convulsion (seizure). When I was first diagnosed back in the early 70’s, there was no such thing as an Epilepsy Society, and nobody knew if it could be passed on or not, and sure didn’t want to wait and find out the hard way, so I got “fixed” (vasectomy) the old way… removing the testicles, not just clipping them. Now they know it cannot be passed on, but it’s too late to change things back.

I was forced to grow up in a Home for the Handicapped, as no other place would accept me, and no company would hire me for they wanted to draw customers in, not scare them away. So I got classed Unemployable for Public Safety reasons, and put on Disability Income for Life. The only female friends I ever had were those who also have some form of disability, for at least we could look upon each other as equals. But my sex life is all screwed up by the med’s I’m on for Epilepsy, and yet doctors ask what’s more important, erections or seizure control? Also, I can’t drive, which seems to be an expectation of any guy when trying to ask a woman out, and suicide is a very common result (which I’ve attempted) for watching everyone else go on with their lives, while being told to just stay out of the way.

Both of my brothers are married, working, own their own homes, and raising kids, while most women turn me down since I can’t drive over and pick her up. But those who accept me regardless, end up dumping me for not being able to give them what they expect from a guy like me in the bedroom. It’s like I get this rush erection and then the drugs quickly jump in with an “Oh No you don’t!” reaction, and shut it down. I can get it in front of her vagina, but the moment I try to push it in, it sinks back inside me! I’ve tried drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, and they worked for a while, but not anymore. I’ve been looking into one of those implants, but the Urologist said that since I can still gain an erection (even if it’s only for a few seconds) it proves that I don’t need it.

Any ideas?

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Re: Where to buy Viagara (letter from Gerry)

There are many intresting post in this group and it is not full of spam. There are many men here with problems I’m sure that many of us would not wish on anyone.
That said I think many of us use ED drugs for our problem. I do. the gentlemen that wanted to know where to buy viagra on line I hope you recieved many responses by email.
Now I’m going to post a website to buy generic viagra from.

I trusted them because the excepted visa\mastercard. Which I have. That website is very secure and reliable. They even have a US phone number you can call. Shipping is expensive ..$24 flat fee. But you will get your GENERIC Viagra. They have great deals on that site. I know several men, including me, that have ordered on that site with sucess.
Check it out.

Remember they sell GENERIC Viagra & other GENERIC ED medications.



ps. I am 46 and have had diabetes for about 13 years. My overall health is still good, however,have been experiencing impotence. I have tried viagra which helps some but is not always the solution. I am curious about the effectiveness of other treatments such as Muse, the injection, or the pump. I would appreciate input from anyone who has tried other methods.

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Where to buy Viagara

Hi….. can someone tell me a good reliable and cheap source for buying viagara. I do not want to buy 20-30 pills. Just wanna start with 5-10 maybe. Soe websites offer for $2 per pill and some offer for 15-20 per pill.

pls help

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Levitra question

I have been taking 25mg of Viagra fro about three years now and it works well for me. However my Health care provider no nonger pays for viagra and switched me to levitra. Problem is Levitra works only 50% of the time where as Viagra worked for me probaly 90% of he times used. Presently I’m takeing 10mg of levitra. 5mg did not work at all. Question is should I increase the dosage to 20mg? I take 3 BP meds, Antenol, NORVAC and Lisinopril. My BP is usally about 135 over 75…



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Need help and advice!!!

I am considering the implant as I have fibrosis in my penis ,am
impotent with shrinkage of the organ (from 15.5-16 , now- 13-13.5).

I was wondering :
1. have someone made it while young (like me-32 years old)and
single ?
How did it go afterwards ?
2. Did you experience shortening after implant ? I am scared loosing
more length (being with 10 cm after) and losing girth .
3. Did someone ha it while having lumps and fibrosis (as in
peyronies),and how was the impact of that on the implant?
4.Did someone stayed with aproximately 11 cm after surgery ? can you
satisfy a woman ? how was the psycological issue after the implant ?
5. What are the risks ?
6.What is he cost of this ?
7. Who is the most recommanded doc. ?
8. How was it to meet a girl after the implant ? did you tell her ?
what was the respons ?
9. have you lost sensation ,girth,? does it look the same from the
outside ? is it firm enough ?

Thank you and sorry for having so many questions…..

When should a single guy tell a new girl friend he is dating

Should I tell her early in the dating relationship before we start getting too physical, or should I wait and see her reaction if we get physical and I am not able. I am not impotent every time, but I am impotent often enough so that I never am sure what will happen.

Maybe some women close to fifty don’t even want that much sex any nore. Since I can perform once or twice a month if a woman is willing to provide extensive stimulation including some oral.

My experience with an implant

Dynomite!!!! At the tender age of 51and disaster with prostate cancer, and a limp dick I started using caverject while still in clinical trials. After few disasters going into UCLA with the largest erection known to man along with the pain to match, it was time for a change.

Caverject was no longer controllable. Sometimes it would work like charm other times zip! After haveing an implant installed it took a few weeks getting used to. First of all your penis hangs full length all the time. Stretched out I was about 4.75 and when pumped up it started hurting at 5.25 inches. After about a year I was up to 5.5 to 5.75 fully pumped. Then one day it collapsed, pump line broke (I knew it when it happened).

Two months later I was back on the surgical table again with another three piece replacement system. Three weeks later I put it into use again. I am now 5.75 to 6.25 inches. It works whenever I want and helps make me feel like I’m ready to function and have the big O whenever it suits the occasion. It is imperative you keep your body in shape. I am 65 now and work at maintaining a strong healthy body. This works with my implant as an overall system to assist sexual arosal on-call. For my experience I would do it again in a flash.

Is it for everyman. No, you still can’t beat waking up in the morning with an old fashion hard-on. I still do but with a little help. As a last thought: Although I am very hetorosexual I have been approached by several men. I now know what a girl feels like with advances. I have learned to be tolerant and even pleased. just my thoughts and will answer any questions.

shorter or longer

This has to be made clear. I have heard penis size shrinks after implant. However,for me, the implant made me larger not smaller. Prior to having the implant installed I used a pump for about two weeks. It was a cheap mechanical pump you buy at the x rated store. The size those things make you are awesome! I have seen the videos of the actual implant and the md reaches in to measure with some flexibility in the measuring. So I think that by prestretching he installed the device at max size, then I grew into it naturally. It works!

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Hi I’m a new here and have ED. I’ve used Viagra 100mg and it does work but is very expensive. Has anyone tried any of the herbal products out there that claim they can help? I’m currently trying PassionRx by Physcian Formulas. It contains Yohimbe, which is suppose to increase blood flow to the penis. So far I’ve been using a small amount of the pill, about 3/4. Does increase sexual thoughts but I’m constantly sleepy all day when I take this. Is it due to the increase in blood flow? Any suggestions? I’ve also heard that L-Arginine is suppose to help. I wll not use injections or a pump. The only other approach that I have not tried yet and will start soon is to get back into the gym and start pumping iron again. I remember when I was still married that whenever I worked out that day I was able to get an erection and stay hard for some time. That was a long time ago though, I’m much older now. 48 years. Any help would be appreciated.

Tension Rings

I was wondering if anyone else in the group here has used Tension rings? I have been using them now for about 3 months and have had pretty good luck with them so far, has anyone else used them for any length of time? I am using the Rejoyn rings and have thought about the Osbon rings. Also how well would using a pump also be as I have never tried one with the rings yet. I can still get a erection but sometimes I think under a bit of stress a pump might be a benefit also.

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